My Story

Sue Sunapee copy.jpg

Like many of you, I was born able to touch my toes. Only later did I realize that this natural gift required steady practice to maintain.

I first experienced yoga and meditation on a trip to Nepal between high school and college in 1987. Through college and afterward, yoga became a lifeline to the best parts of myself - the aforementioned toes as well as physical and mental balance. I received my Kripalu certification in 1997 and have been teaching ever since, based in White River Junction, Vermont.

My teaching blends compassionate awareness of moment-by-moment experience with self-inquiry to dive deeper into the multi-dimensional experience of the self. I am fortunate to continue to learn from so many wonderful teachers, including those at Kripalu who teach compassionate self-acceptance as the heart of the practice as well as Peentz Dubble and her heartfelt translations of the Iyengar method. I am also inspired and influenced by the joyful, kinetic clarity of Carrie Owerko, the quiet call toward self-inquiry of Donna Farhi, and the dedication of so many students who have shared the explorations with me over the years.

I hope to see you on the mat soon to help you discover/rediscover the best parts of you. Namaste.